· Hydrangeas ·

Think about what makes you happy, what compels you to smile, whether it be family, friends, a funny movie or show, anything. Now muse on why. Is what raptures you complicated or simple, or both? When you experience whatever makes you happy again, analyze it to its depths and trivialities and I promise you will find that it is both. Is there really anything that can be one without the other? Most things at first glance are simple, but complicated in terms of development. Hydrangeas, for example, are simple and effortless when you first look at them, but when you look closely at the diverse hues coalescing and harmonizing on the same petals, collectively forming a bright and natural bouquet, you realize how such a small thing is in fact extremely intricate and complex in the way in which it was structured and formed. Appreicate what makes you happy in both complex and simple ways, but don’t forget to really analyze and understand why once in a while- you’ll better understand yourself.

Simplicity: the quality or condition of being easy to understand or do, plain, or natural 

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