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Mussels are usually found on wave-washed rocks in clumps in order to secure themselves and build a network of support.

Oneness: the fact or state of being unified or one in number; identity or harmony with someone or something


These mussels represent more than just a cluster of living organisms: they epitomize the definition of oneness and what it means to unify and associate with a group of others similar to you. Despite small differences, you must stick together in order to make it through the rough periods when the surf hits and the rushing water tries to pull you apart from what you cling to, what you’re a part of. Oneness in the mussel clans means enduring together, supporting the others, and, most importantly, allowing time to just savor and indulge yourself completely in the periods between the intense rushes of water. The world was created in a wonderous way and such that everything has meaning, significance, and beauty; our mission is to enjoy it while we’re here and enjoy each other. Life is short and you never know when the surf will suddenly rush over you and try to rip you away, so why not enjoy and relish every moment before it finally gets to you?


About Micaela

I'm a 20 year old student at the University of Chicago. Photography has been a hobby of mine for a while and I've always had a passion for it so hopefully people like my stuff!
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